Can Padded Envelopes Be Recycled?

Most offices in their stationery cupboard have a stock of envelopes padded for different purposes across the country, as many homes do the same. Usually, these envelopes are manufactured of plastic bubble wrap, and paper is perfect for posting anything that requires extra safety as it has to make its way through the regular postal system. The use of these padded envelopes has increased with increased popularity in online shopping. However, can a padded envelope be recycled again, and what happens to it once it is used?


Padded Envelopes



Jiffy Bags and Recycling

The simple thing about it, is that they cannot be recycled once they are used. The only option available for padded envelopes is landfill as they cannot be recycled. Most recycling facilities in the United Kingdom do not accept them.

They include council facilities, so the only option is to burn them for energy or to dispose of them in landfills. Definitely, you can separate the outer paper and bubble wrap, but it often does not do well, and the gum connecting the two cannot be recycled. However, before resigning yourself to binning your envelopes, you can avail two other options:

Utilize Alternative Packaging

The reason for the popularity of padded envelopes is that they can be utilized easily. You need just to pack the product or fill it and send it by sealing the envelope. However, many suppliers in the market offer fully recyclable shredded-paper-stuffed envelopes, which do exactly the same job and are even biodegradable.

There could be a huge difference by simply switching to that envelope padded type. Instead, move away from padded envelopes totally and try to pack products in paper or cardboard boxes and bubble wrap them. It will require more effort, but it will be completely recyclable and well protected whatever you post.

Reuse Padded Envelopes

When you collect something in the mail, instead of throwing it away, why not reutilize it? This reusing will save you money for not buying a new one, and you also will be avoiding generating more trash from landfills too. Padded envelopes could definitely bear a few journeys in the post, and they will no longer fit the purpose. You need to just cover the original address and name on the front of your old padded envelope, and now you are prepared to add new details to it.

If you post anything very rare, you can list your padded envelope on freecycle or somewhere like it so that anybody who uses and posts frequently can utilize them for posting items. It can also be ideal for keeping fragile items like Christmas trinkets. If you want to keep your heavy embroidered dresses safe, you can use these padded envelopes to pack them and protect them more.

Sell them or Give Batches Away

New padded envelopes are not cheap, so there’s a great deal of demand for lightly used ones from people who do post in large amounts. You can offer your padded envelopes to local folk, or you can sell them on eBay for extra few pennies than providing them to local folk.

Utilize Them as Cheerful and Cheap Insulation

The trapped air inside padded envelopes, as with ordinary bubble wrap, makes an effective insulator. Whilst we are not recommending you to insulate your attics with these, a well-posted padded envelope can assist keep the chill from garages, outdoor pipes or from sheds. For instance, to help stop freezing during the winter season, try taping a large jiffy bag over the tap in your garden.

To End Up

Padded Envelopes cannot be recycled as many recycling centers, including the Local Council, do not accept padded envelopes as they are not recyclable. You can reuse these padded envelopes or use alternative packaging for your items.

These envelopes are best to post things that need more protection, and Reutilization is the best option for them as they cannot be recycled. Can you consider some more simple and easy ways to reuse padded envelopes? Share your ideas or thoughts in the comments.

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