Skip Hire In Leicester Frequently Asked Questions

Skip Hire In Leicester: Frequently Asked Questions

Skip Hire Leicester FAQs: There are a number of questions that are being asked frequently when it comes to skip hire in Leicester. Rather than answering one by one or emailing, we have put together all the questions and answered them all to make it easier and quicker for you when it comes to your own skip hiring.


Skip Hire In Leicester Frequently Asked Questions

Skip Hire Leicester FAQs

Some Frequently Asked Question about Skip Hire Leicester are mentioned below;

1. Can I Place My Skip On A Public Place?

When it comes to available space, many people are limited so they are required to place their skip on a public road. You will need a skip permit from the local authority for placing your skip on a public road; the Skip Hire Leicester team can help you to obtain your local authority skip permit. Prices can be varied from council to council, but a five days standard average period is always needed.

2.  How Much A Skip Generally Cost?

Of course, the average price of a skip depends upon its size and time length for which you will require a skip. You can simply give us a call if you are not sure about the skip size you require for your waste elimination.

3. When Can Your Skip Be Supplied?

If you want your skip to be delivered on public property, we will deliver our skip anytime you need within business hours. This will remain true within the delivery of skips on public property such as roads, but in the case of the permit requirement, we will deliver our skips as soon as you receive your local authority skip permit.

4. For How Long I Can Have A Skip At My Property?

If you have to place the skip on your own property, you can hire a skip as long as you need to keep (generally 2 weeks). However, some skips are allowed to be kept for a maximum of 7 days period with a permit of local authority placing limitations on skip rental period without giving rise to further costs.

5. If I Am Out, Can Skips Be Supplied?

As payment has been made before delivery, and instructions are given to our drivers responsible for skip delivery, your skip can be supplied if you are not present at the time. Though, of course, it will be better if you will be there so you can make sure where exactly you need to place the skip.

6. What Should I Do When My Skip Is Being Filled?

You can pre book your skip collection at the time of skip booking, or you can give us a call, and we will collect the skip within the business hours once you are done with skip hire and fill it.

7. Can I Mix Trash in The Skip I Hired?

Avoiding the materials that can not be placed in the skip, you can mix all remaining materials to your heart’s content. All your trash goes into a sorting facility to recycle the maximum of waste to lower the percentage for environmental effects.

8. Will There Be Any Damage To My Home While Placing the Skip?

When it comes to navigating hurdles and safe delivery of skips to you, we provide drivers who are skilled and experienced in their field. But a range of things can hamper skip delivery as fences and walls can usually play a role in making skip delivery more challenging for drivers.

The experienced skip drivers can efficiently deliver your skip without any damage to your home. To prevent or avoid any damage to your driveway or limit the harm to your front garden, we would recommend placing large pieces of cardboard or flat wood under the skip.

Skip Hire Leicester Offering Reliable, Affordable Skip Services

We have been delivering skips to homeowners and businesses for many years at Skip Hire Leicester. When it comes to supplying and collecting a skip safely to its destination, our experienced team ensures safe skip delivery and collection. If you are searching for safe and professional Skip Hire in Leicester, contact Skip Hire Leicester today and contact us for any other queries regarding skip hiring and skip size estimation.

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