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Here Skip Hire Leicester will guide you on how you can Load Skip in the right way. We have delivered a considerable amount of skips as part of our reliable and affordable services to all sorts of customers in the entire United Kingdom. We care for our valued customers, so we never wish to harm any of our clients while skipping hire; we are putting some essential points to follow to avoid any damage while skipping loading.


Load Skip


Load Skip in the Proper Way

We are fully aware that many of our clients do not know how to professionally fill the skip as they are not trained professionally. This type of professional training often comes from commercial sites. Please bear in mind the steps mentioned below in order to do things the right way.

  • Before Skip Delivery – Before the skip is delivered, make sure that the place is free of rubbish and other hurdles where the skip is going to be placed. It must be in a stable, flat area with a straightforward approach for the driver to drop off the skip. Avoid grounds of marshy and soggy areas for delivery as the containers might sink in such areas.
  • On The Day Of Skip Delivery – When the skip is being dropped off, make sure that small children and pets are inside. Make sure that you deliver clear instructions to drivers for proper skip placement where you want to place your waste container. When the skip lorry reverses, make sure everyone keeps clear.
  • Instructions After Delivery – Once your container has been placed on the ground, do not try to remove it. This can damage your property and skip the container. It might be inaccessible once moved when it comes to collecting the container. So leave it as it is placed at the time of delivery.
  • Load Skip Properly – Place the heavier and more massive items at the bottom of the skip and afterward fill the container with lighter items on top. This can circumvent collapsing. If the items are thrown in an inappropriate manner, which is the setting by unprofessional clients making the objects move and collapse in a dangerous way. Lift the things with your legs to avoid any nasty back injuries when picking up items.
  • Dangerous Objects – Don’t put any hazardous objects in your skip; if you are unsure about them, they include batteries, oils, solvents, and so on as they require special treatment for disposal, collection, or recycling. You can visit our website for comprehensive details about prohibited items that can not be placed in skips.
  • Do Not Overfill – All skip containers have a fill line. This filling line is the limit up to which skips can be loaded safely. It can be unlawful to transfer overfilled containers, and these skips are a safety hazard. Do not go past this filling line to avoid chaos creation with falling over sides items during movement.

Following these guidelines, your skip delivery, filling and collection will go smoothly.

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